Jan 22, 2010

The Celtic Knot and Spiral

The Celtic knot and the Celtic spiral are a marvels. These intricate designs have no beginning and no end are rich in symbolism--at least in what people assign to them. The ancient symbols did not come with an interpretation of what the creators were intending. Isn't that what makes them so intriguing?

The symbol above is the most ancient, and while it's considered a Celtic symbol, it actually predates the Celts. It is found at Newgrange, a Megalithic Passage tomb in Ireland.

The Celts loved explaining things in threes, so they were naturally drawn to this symbol. It could stand for air, water, and land; or body, mind, and spirit; or man, woman, and child--you get the idea. For Christians it represents the Holy Trinity. My church uses this symbol:I will certainly blog about symbols again. Please share your thoughts!

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