Jan 5, 2010

What's Your Cup of Tea?

photo via creative commons by Simon James
It's a hot tea kind of day here in Central Ohio. I love tea, always have. My favorite? Can you guess??? Well, truly I like all kinds except that really fruity stuff, but lately I'm drinking a lot of Trader Joe's Irish Breakfast Tea.

So, just what is Irish Breakfast Tea? According to Wikipedia it's a blend of several teas, mostly Assam teas. So...what is that? Thankfully, we have the Internet these days, so we can figure most anything out. It's a malty flavored tea from the Assam region of India. I drink it straight, but apparently, according to Wikipedia some people drink it with milk because of its bold taste. Eww. No milk (or even soymilk--I don't drink milk) for me. Coffee, yes; Tea, no way! That's my opinion anyway.

It's been said that Ireland is the largest tea drinking country per capita in the world. I've read many places that tea was first imported to Ireland in the 19th century. While that may be true, I don't think it's true that the Irish didn't drink tea before that. They brewed roots and herbs, but thank goodness for imported Indian tea!

What about you? What kind of tea do you like?


  1. Cindy:
    I am mostly a coffee drinker but in the evenings or for an afternoon boost I will grab a cup of Stash Green tea. Before bed or to warm up Celestial Season Tension Tamer is a good one, and it smells lovely. I drink it straight but sometimes add a bit of honey.

  2. I drink iced tea all year around, even in cold weather such as this. But I have difficulty getting it sweetened just right, for some reason. Last night I made a mixture with two bags of black & two of green tea (an idea suggested to me by a total stranger in the grocery store one time). To this, I add some packets of Splenda, but no matter how much I vary the number of packets, it never comes out just right. I've used between 3 and